The Best Dry Cleaning For Your Family & Business

We provide full service organic dry cleaning and laundry services including in-house tailoring  

Organic Dry Cleaning

 Eco-friendly 100% Non-toxic 

• No use of harmful toxic chemicals • Safe for you and your family
• Safe for the environment

• Only non-toxic substances such as water, biodegradable soap and steam are used
• Garments look cleaner, last longer, feel softer, look brighter and smell fresher

Only professional wet cleaning can safely remove the water stain from most garments especially from the wedding gown. 

We are committed helping to protect the environment as much as possible through the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services. 

Most people think organic wet cleaning is the same as regular laundry, but that is incorrect.

Organic wet cleaning uses special soap designed for garments not to change color, fade, or shrink. Wet cleaning also uses computerized machine to clean all garments then uses an additional pressing machine to maintain the original condition of garments.

According to the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency, wet cleaning is the safest method of garment cleaning, it does not use hazardous chemicals or produce harmful waste. The process of wet cleaning is 100% eco-friendly as it does not create any air pollution and reduces the potential water and soil contamination.

Laundered Shirt and wash & Fold Service

Laundered Shirt

Whether you need your shirts cleaned and pressed everyday for work, or its simply a night out with great friends, your shirt is one of the most noticeable and important parts of your ensemble.Rest assured that each shirt – whether it is silk or %100 cotton – goes through a thorough pre-inspection, grading and treatment process, before being meticulously finished.

Dress shirts are washed in small batches with the patience and care our customers deserve. All stains are identified and pre-spotted before the laundering process begins. Shirts are gently pressed using our air finishing equipment that gently sends steam through the shirt followed by warm air to vanquish all wrinkles, shirts are additionally inspected at the front counter.

Wash & Fold Service

The average American spends around 8.5 hours per month doing laundry. Let us save you an entire days work each month! Drop-off your Laundry at our store, or schedule an in-home pick-up. Choose from an array of options on how you would like your garments cared for. Then we will return your laundry cleaned, neatly organized & folded. 15 lbs minimum.

Pickup & Delivery


We Come To You! Home Or Office

Easy, Convenient, Fast and Reliable

Scheduling a pickup & delivery services has never been easier. The turnaround time for delivery as fast as 3 days based on volume. Please let us know how often you need our services.

Just leave your clothes in dry cleaning bag at your designated area. We'll return your garments clean and fresh the following delivery day in protective covers. There is no need to be home when we provide service.

Press Only

At Walnut Cleaners we understand the value of an impeccably pressed garment, and the importance of first impressions. That is why we offer our Pressing Only Service, because sometimes you just need that one garment perfectly pressed before your big day, or that special night out. Once your garment arrives at our shop it is professionally steamed and pressed using the industry’s latest most efficient technology, we also construct a meticulous inspection of the garment after is pressed. Any imperfections are then treated with our professional hand irons, irons that well exceed the quality of pressing that can be achieved with average home irons. Pressed garments from Walnut Cleaners can be returned to you on hangers or neatly folded and packaged.

Same Day Service


Sometimes people simply forget that they are invited to a party or they have a very important meeting or just a business trip. Simply drop-off at our location by 9am Monday to Friday and get them back before end of the day.

Please call us before drop-off to confirm for Same Day Service.

Bridal Gown
The most precious and memorable item of clothing that you will probably ever buy deserves special care, particularly if you are planning to pass it onto your daughter, or, perhaps saving it for yourself. 
We treat your wedding gowns with extraordinary care. 
We use different processes for a different gown. Wet Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Deep Cleaning & Stem Cleaning. Not every wedding Gown can be clean in the same way, different fabric or design need a different method of cleaning.  All of our processes are safe, gentle and environmentally safe.
Wedding Gown Preservation
Wedding dress preservation is equally important. We never seal wedding gowns in plastic which can cause discoloration. After finishing, your bridal gown will be preserved in our acid-neutral, museum quality box. Once cleaned, gowns are hand finished. And because we use gentle non-toxic cleaning solutions, you won’t have to worry about any chemical odor.
Household Items

Comforters, blankets, duvet covers, bedspreads, down pillows, sleeping bags, drapes, and other large household items should be cleaned professionally. Tablecloths, napkins, also come out looking great. Let us also enhance the appearance of your home by cleaning these items regularly.

Curtains / Drapes

We come to your house and take down your drapes. We will clean and press and even re-hang them for you. "Aditional charges applies" 

Comforters / Pillows

Why put yourself through the hassle and your machine through the wear and tear? Bring your comforters and pillows to Walnut Cleaners and let us take care of them for you.

Tablecloths Hand Finished

Due to their uniquely large sizes and delicate nature, we hand finish all tablecloths. This allows us to apply a multitude of techniques to preserve the quality and return it in time for your next big event.

Lab Coats and Uniforms

Lab Coats Dry Cleaning Service

Lab coats are among those types of industrial items that are most crucial, in terms of regular cleaning. After all, public health and safety is what’s at stake. We clean all the lab coats with high temperature for hygiene.

Uniforms Dry Cleaning Service 

We provide service for law enforcements, corporate and military uniforms with professional, hand-finished quality.




Bring expertise and dedication, to repairs and alterations. Whether rejuvenating a garment, or perfecting its fit. Special attention is always given to maintaining and reproducing finished details.

When you need a tailor, we have the experts! We tapper, shorten pants and shirts. Shorten sleeves, take-in jackets, dresses, and replace zippers so you can get more life out of your garments. No job is too big or too small, will take care of all your alteration's needs. Bring your personal style to any garment with our custom fittings, so that your clothes fit you exactly the way you like.  



Rug and Leather Cleaning

Your rugs aren't just decorations. They also attract and retain dirt and dust as well as other particles from the air. A thorough dry cleaning from time to time can help extend their life. Let our trained professionals help ensure the quality of your investment. We'll make sure your rugs look great and stay functional.  

Leather, Suede and Fur are made from natural or synthetic fibers, and thus are extremely difficult to maintain. They call out professional care to keep their look, shape and feel. Cleaned by our professionals, your garment is carefully cleaned and finished.

Top Quality Cleaning Delivered Right to Your Door. Rely on us for all your Dry Cleaning needs.
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